Arches National Park, Moab Desert, Utah

It’s 45 degrees Celsius driving into Utah’s red rock country. The heat lifts off the road in lucid waves amid the static landscape. Pillars of carmine rock set contrast to the clear blue sky, their layers revealing millions of years of deposition, erosion, and other geologic events. Sandstone walls with narrow passageways set up fortresses around the delicate arches, passable only by the hearty wildlife and devout hikers.


It’s a hiker’s paradise. The crown jewel of the National Park’s System. Sunrise and sunset offer the most dramatic views, and cooler temperatures. Rabbits, snakes and lizards are common along the trails if you get an early start.


The Devil’s Garden is thrilling at every turn. The carefully planned path leads through a maze of sandstone fins and eroded monoliths. The dry heat and still life make it hard to imagine a force strong enough to create such magnificent structures. Some of the world’s greatest architecture goes without credit in the Moab. It’s a place you muse see for yourself to truly appreciate.


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