A Journey From The North Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

This journey begins at the North Sea in Norway. We travelled around the country hiking in the Fjords, visiting coastal cities, driving the Atlantic Highway, and taking in as much of the beautiful scenery along the way.

Some of the hikes were a bit treacherous, but completely worth it! We even walked through a forest where the trees grew sideways.

After exploring Norway, we visited Sweden and Denmark.

We headed south to Hamburg to enjoy the beautiful architecture, happy people, and festivities.

After that, we made our way to Belgium where we explored the city of Brussels, the Trappist Monasteries, and the caves.

Then we headed back to Germany to drive on the Autobhan and made our way to Switzerland.

And climbed every mountain we could find.

We followed the Rhine River all the way to the Rhine Falls.

Then it got serious… and a little bit crazy with the Tour Du Mont Blanc beginning in Chamonix, France, and racing through the mountains into Courmayeur, Italy, and St. Bernard’s Pass, Switzerland.

Until we finally searched for flatter ground and travelled through France drinking wine the whole way.

I loved exploring the Dordogne region to see the prehistoric forts, cave drawings, and castles.

And meeting up with friends in Bordeaux.

And finally made it to the Camargue on the Mediterranean, to see the wild flamingos and white horses. A perfect end to a wonderful journey through Europe!

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