The Most Beautiful Drive in the World.

Okay, before you begin to chime in on how the West Coast of North America is actually the best, or that the drive through Argentina along the Andes is by far the most amazing… it wasn’t me who said it-

The drive along the Atlantic Highway in Norway had been reported to be the most beautiful drive in the world by a British newspaper. I know what you are thinking… how can they possibly narrow down just one road?

Well, let’s look at the positives.

This scenic road is surrounded by sea and mountains. As the road weaves through the sea from island to island, it’s not only breathtaking scenery, the bridges that connect the islands are engineering marvels. Not to mention that you have to drive through a whole bunch of tunneled out mountains to get here. (cool)

There is also a small section of the road that allows you to get out of your car and walk around on a boardwalk to slow down and take in the landscape at your own pace. You may also spot some fascinating marine life from here.

There are some beautiful towns to stop in along the drive. Following the road north will take you all the way up to the Arctic Circle. Along the way, it’s possible to explore caves settled by ancient mariners, see the giant oil rigs, or if you are lucky you might catch the reindeer migration.

But before you try to convince me that you know a better drive, consider checking this one out!


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