Norway’s Trolls

Norway has a rich culture of Vikings, Contiki expeditions, famous explorers and mountain climbers. But, did you know that according to Scandinavian folklore, there are also supernatural beings? Old Norse sources report that trolls can be found living in isolated caves and mountains. Much of Norway’s current population believes in these stories.


While hiking in the fjords, I became a believer too. It is said that the mountain ranges were formed when a few families of trolls were celebrating a wedding. They got carried away with their celebrations and stayed out until sunrise. When the sunlight touched them, they turned to stone and formed the mountain ranges.

Many mountains are named after individual trolls including Trolltunga, which means Troll’s tongue because when you reach the top, there is a large ledge that juts out off of the cliff resembling a tongue. Bring warm clothes and and a healthy dose of courage for that climb! It’s truly majestic and can make a believer even out of a skeptic like myself.



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