Canadian Beaches Are Beautiful Year-Round

The truth is that Canadians often head south in search of the most beautiful beaches. And while we do not always enjoy balmy temperatures, the seasons offer our waterfronts multiple incarnations that can be enjoyed year-round.

The Winter Station Design Contest gives the waterfront at Ashbridges bay, Toronto, a fun and interactive, outdoor gallery. Dogs run off-leash on the beach for the winter months. The hardy beach-goers bundle up and enjoy leisurely walks up and down the beach exploring the installations. Have a look at some of the winners of the 2016 Winter Station Contest.

Floating Ropes by Elodie Doukhan and Nicolas Muscle.


In the Belly of a Bear by Caitland R.C. Brow and Wayne Barrett.


The Steam Canoe by OCADU.


Lithoform by Ryerson University.
Aurora Borealis by Laurentian University.
Warm up by the fire.
Flow by Calvin Fung and Victor Huynh.


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