The Wishing Trees and Walking Trees Of the Amazon

The Amazon Jungle is one of the world’s greatest resources and is a playground for all sorts of plant and animal life. Monkeys swing in the canopy above, making it seem like the trees are laughing. Every square inch of the jungle is covered with buzzing, chirping, squawking, life.

There are so many things to write about, but a very notable tree captures my attention because it has the ability to move itself up to one metre a year. The walking tree moves towards areas that receive more sunlight. It does this by shooting a root in the direction of the sunlight while the roots in the back rot and allow the tree to move forward. The shallow root system (only about a few inches deep) make this possible and necessary. Awesome.


Another fascinating sight is the Kapok Tree. No one knows how old these trees are for sure, because there are no seasons in the Amazon, so the trees don’t have growth rings. Again, the shallow roots spread wide and above ground to provide a stable base for the tree. The result is that the trees are enormous and sometimes hollow. Some are even big enough to fit a dozen adults inside!


It’s said that if you walk around the circumference of this particular Kapok tree and make a wish, it will come true. And, while I am, I’ll admit, slightly delusional for an adult-I think it’s still kind of strange for a grown up to tell another grown up to make a wish. I mean what are the chances that walking around a tree could have any influence on lottery numbers or make a box of puppies mysteriously appear at my door?


But, I make my wish clear and bright in my mind as I imagine it travelling into space like a beam of white light. I make the same wish that I always make because ( I saw you roll your eyes) it’s essential to look towards where you want to go. Make a plan. Blue-sky a best possible scenario and articulate it to yourself, so when you blow out a birthday candle or walk around a tree, you do it with good intention and optimism. Just like the walking tree, you can shoot your roots out in the direction you need to go and eventually you will get there.

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