Check out my new novel, The Dining And Social Club For Time Travellers! Download it for free on iTunes for a limited time!

Source: Check out my new novel, The Dining And Social Club For Time Travellers…


  1. I know it is the new way of reading books, but if you could possibly set a copy of your first Novel and your new one aside, I would very much love to buy these books from you. Signed by you and Doug of course. You should be very proud of your accomplishments, I know I am. Once again, your recent travel is totally out of the BOX. HOW MANY PEOPLE GO LOOKING FOR DESERTS? We were visiting Janet and Marty recently, and she was just so impressed with you and how you related to her young Library group, she is now your biggest fan. Were you on the Marilyn Denis Show in the recent past? I think you were featured briefly this morning on her 1000th show. Hugs. Auntie Denise I read everyone of your blogs I can only imagine what it is like to experience these great trips first hand.


    1. I’ve got a signed first edition copy set aside for you!!! The funny thing about Peru was that we met this awesome couple from Australia and their names were David and Denis! So, it was like having a version of you guys there with us in the desert, mountains and the jungle! Yes, I was on Marilyn Denis, it’s hilarious that they pulled that snip-it for the 1000th show reel. Miss you and I’ll keep up the posts! Oh, and if you liked Iceland, I’ve got some goods on Norway to write up!!

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