How To Cook Ceviche Like A Peruvian

Ceviche, a fresh, delicious and easy dish that the Peruvians are famous for!

Here’s their secret!

Begin with very fresh fish- sushi grade if you can get it. (No surprises there)

We used a white fish caught right out of the Pacific Ocean that morning.

The rest of the ingredients include:

  • 3 Small Peruvian limes (Like key-limes)
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Salt (Use a bit more than you think you are going to need)
  • A hot red chili, diced
  • One Tsp. of minced garlic
  • One Tsp. pepper sauce – to make your own first blanch your pepper, then bake it, then remove the skin and seeds and blend it in a pot over medium heat. Add salt and vinegar.
  • One ounce of fish stock
  • One ounce of milk… I know right? Yup, I said milk! “Won’t it curdle?” Surprisingly, no. The juice in the ceviche is called “Tiger Milk”, and it is said to cure hangovers… which is perfect because the best way to enjoy ceviche is to wash it all down with a Pisco Sour!

IMG_0137 IMG_0143

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