Taronga Zoo

So, after being shocked and terrified by the city’s giant bat occupation, I have decided to nip this “being scared of nature” thing in the bud. I’m off to the Taronga Zoo to see me some wild beasts!

The visit to the zoo begins with a ferry ride to through the Sydney Harbour to the suburb of Mosman. This allows for a great view of the shoreline and the Opera House.


Once at the zoo, I am surprised at all of the exotic birds that roam around the public areas.





We then move on to the Walkabout trail. It’s like a playground full of emus and kangaroos. They mill about waiting to be pet or photographed.

This kangaroo offered me a flower… which she then ate.


And, while I know that kangaroos have pouches in the front… I didn’t know about their side pockets. I think he’s looking for his keys…


Next up… the koala bears! For twenty bucks you can go in and pet them. It is totally worth it! They are the cutest animals I have ever seen! And they have two thumbs on each hand… crazy!






Then we feed some giraffes and take a walk with the tigers.



The next bit was a little shocking. We walk over to the lion’s den. The lions are stretched out in the sunlight looking very regal. The children have their faces pressed up to the glass. Their parents look happily onwards. And then this happens…




And we all say, “Awwww, how sweet!” And then…


And now everyone is like, “Okay kids… it’s time to go!”

But not before a visit to see the red panda! I know I said that the koala was the cutest animal that I had ever seen… but this little guy is just as cute. Major kudos if you showed up at the dog park with a red panda… I contemplated taking him home with me but the koala was taking up most of the room in my purse…



I’m like a three year old kicking and screaming when it’s time to go. Maybe they do sleep overs. Maybe I will just live at the zoo… just don’t put me in with the lions!


  1. Elyse, … I have enjoyed everyone of your blogs. So much so that Uncle Dave and I are making a point of stopping off in Iceland when we travel back from Europe this summer. Everyone wishes that they could have the experiences that you and Doug had these past few months, but alas we didn’t take the chance to do it. Let me know when visiting hours are for the Koala Bear. They have such cute faces. They say everyone has 3 Jobs in their life and I believe you will work in a Zoo and write about all the animals that you grow to love. Well done and welcome back to ‘Frozen’ Canada.

    We are off to St Lucia this weekend to escape the cold and have some fun in the sun. I am on the hunt for a Whale Shark. Wish me luck.

    Aunt Denise


  2. Thank you very much, Aunt Denise! Good luck on your search for a whale shark… I only hope that you find it at a safe distance 😉 And, I am very glad you are visiting Iceland this summer! Get ready for an incredible adventure! I hope to see you before then! Best of luck! xo Elyse

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