Blue Penguines


Behold, the amazing blue penguin! Spotted in Wellington on our last day in New Zealand. I had been waiting weeks to catch a glimpse of these cute little guys. They are tough to spot because they go out in the water all day to play and eat fish. When the sun goes down they make their way to the beach to dry off and sleep in their little nests. Thus, we were informed that the best way to see them would be to peek into their nests at night… which I did… and saw this…



Mission accomplished! Off to Australia!

Written by

Elyse Kishimoto is a regular girl with an extraordinary sense of adventure. She's done everything from hiking up volcanoes in Iceland at midnight, to sitting down to dinner with royalty. She's climbed Mt Fuji and the Great Wall of China in the same week, and explored the lost glowworm caves in New Zealand. You never know where her next story is going to come from, but you can be sure that it will be packed full of fun! After spending years reading her favourite classic novels to her students, Elyse is excited to publish her second action/ adventure novel, Sky Watchers in the popular series, The Dining and Social Club for Time Travellers.

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