Looking Glass

I put my feet into the rushing water
The stream changing every second
Erases my footprints
And carries away any evidence that I am there.

I wade into an ageless spring and wait
Breathless: suspended in matter and time.
Floating just below the surface
Face towards the sun.

The Narcissistic Sky sees through me
And admires his wild beauty
Until a falling leaf
Sends ripples across his looking glass.

He weeps, perhaps for his Vanity
And the torrents wash away the impurity.
I melt into the water
Following the path of least resistance.

Fluid, submissive, dissipating, running
Slowly wearing through ancient rock
Carving out new paths to old worlds
And returning again to the original source.

At times I wish for calm water
And pallid reflections against the grey sky
Because in the bright light he sees himself in me
Until I am no longer there.


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