The Camper Van Adventures: Part 2. Yeah, but where are the penguins?

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an article. For this, I must apologize.

Have you done something new with your hair? You look great!

So, are we good?

Honestly, I didn’t actually think that there was anyone out there reading my little messages. But, after a few weeks of radio silence… there was a small flux of messages in my in-box asking me why I had stopped writing… I couldn’t begin to explain… writing had become my daily sojourn. And, now, I was knowingly forsaking it. In addition, I had also stopped running.

I guess the only explanation is that I was on my way home… I could see the light… I had become impatient to the nomadic lifestyle. But, at the same time, I wanted to see and experience everything before I touched down in Pearson International Airport.

This is my “Do now… write later response”:

After a failed attempt at summiting the Tongerario Mountain Pass, we drove straight across the North Island to Wellington. It was a beautiful drive through many of the well known filming locations from The Lord Of The Rings. We stopped in Wellington for a brief stay and then boarded the ferry headed for the South Island. The ferry was cold and breathtaking. It was a four hour cruise from Wellington to Picton. From Picton, we drove 14 hours to Queenstown.

By “We drove”… I mean Doug drove and I had long blissful naps. Sometimes I would wake up and see seals playing along the shoreline.


But, we continued on through the mountains until we reached our beautiful little place in the world.


Tomorrow, we will relax, walk around the lake and drink a box of wine. Tomorrow, we will walk around the lake while the full moon shines on us. Tomorrow, we will will know just how lucky we are to be here… but, tonight is all about sleeping. It’s been a long day. Good night.

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