The Things I Love and Hate About Flying

Okay, so I’ve been on the road for four months. Traveled through 18 countries, 14 currencies, 16 languages, 56 accommodations and 14 flights.

I’m going to start with the positives… Here are some things that I love about flying:

1) The little bottles of wine. Please nice flight attendant… keep them coming…
2) The In Flight or En Route magazines in the seat pockets. There are lots of fun traveling tips.
3) New Zealand Air’s safety videos. Just Youtube them!
4) Airplane food… yes, I said it… mmmmmm, little portions of tasty, salty goodness.
5) Cloud watching.
6) Catching up on new release movies.
7) The take-off and landing… physics is cool.
8) Sometimes they give you cookies.
9) It’s better than driving.
10) It’s better than taking a three week boat trip.

Now, I will vent my frustrations.

1) The class system. It is always blatantly obvious who the ballers are. Unless, for some reason I am riding first class… then it’s ok.
2) The biological warfare. I am always sitting nest to the person coughing for the entire trip. Thanks for giving me the PLAGUE, lady!
3) Getting babied… not in a good way. Getting babied means having an oversized child squirm all around you throughout the entire flight crying and screaming in your face.
4) Fainting. Yup, it’s really embarrassing. Low blood pressure and high altitudes… mix in a bout of food poisoning and you’ve got a diva on your hands.
5) Security. Now, I am all for effective security measures… but while you are shaking me down for a pair of tweezers that lady that is coughing up blood is more of a menace to society… why is she given priority seating?
6) Turbulence… It’s never good.
7) Swollen ankles. Cankles are never hot.
8) Dude, if you are sick… don’t get on the plane.
9) The aisle blocker. When you got to go, you got to go… why won’t this large man wake-up to let me out?

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