Funny Signs From Around The World

Here is a collection of funny street signs from my travels…


Iceland. No idea what this means… Possibly “Attention, floating hands pretending to be sharks in the water.”




London, England. Very effective advertising.




Wiltshire, England. Holistic parenting.




Cardiff, Wales. “I only have one happy hour drink a day… Yes, one forty ounce drink…”




Breacon Beacon National Park, Wales. Grossest street name ever! The picture below completes the image. Eeewwwww.




Street in Wales. “My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps… My lovely lady lumps.” For 150 yards.




Sugarloaf Mountains, Wales. Ha ha… “Elf Catering”… I bet they make good cookies.




Vienna, Austria. I want them.




Westport, Ireland. This is the platform for amphibious/ flying cars.




Dublin, Ireland. Self-explanatory?




The Peak, Hong Kong. A picture is worth a thousand words.




Tokyo, Japan. Don’t even think about bringing your skis here. Yes, they needed a sign to tell you that. But, I’ve heard that snowboards are okay.



Koyasan, Japan. A map of a Buddhist Monastery or a Nazi stronghold?




Osaka, Japan. I think the literal translation is: Pull my finger.



Paris, France. “Attention: the condition where one leg is shorter than the other, is genetic.”




Victoria Park Mid-Autumn Festival. I’m not sure, but I think I’ll pass on this booth.




Tokyo, Japan. If you thought driving drunk was dangerous…




Kyoto, Japan. I have no more words… ?

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Elyse Kishimoto is a regular girl with an extraordinary sense of adventure. She's done everything from hiking up volcanoes in Iceland at midnight, to sitting down to dinner with royalty. She's climbed Mt Fuji and the Great Wall of China in the same week, and explored the lost glowworm caves in New Zealand. You never know where her next story is going to come from, but you can be sure that it will be packed full of fun! After spending years reading her favourite classic novels to her students, Elyse is excited to publish her second action/ adventure novel, Sky Watchers in the popular series, The Dining and Social Club for Time Travellers.

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