Show Me Your Wiener

Vienna is actually called “Wien”. And, if you are from Vienna, you are referred to as a “Wiener”… just sayin’.

For half of my adult life, my sister has affectionally called me “Wiener” in polite company. Though this nick-name is as embarrassing as it gets in the English language… tonight I am proud to be a Wiener!

From my limited knowledge, there are at least 4.5 important things that have come from Austria.

1. The wiener schnitzel
2. Gustav Klimt
3. The Sound Of Music
4. Mozart… and ostensibly, the Viennese Waltz (.5)

If these four things were on Facebook, I would press the “Like” button for each one.

First, I eat the schnitzel… which is just a huge chicken finger. Then I visit Klimt’s works in the museum. After that, I re-enact the Sound Of Music through various parts of the city (only partially kidding), and round off the evening taking in Mozart’s Symphony!

Nailed it!


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